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Visoke tehnologije - transfer znanja i implementacije, s posebnim akcentom na istraživanje i identifikaciju GIS/GPS tehnologije High technologv - transfer of know-how and implementation, wich special consideration paid to analvsis and identification of GIS/GPS technologies Nikola Borić
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Kljucne rijeci Keywords
Geografski informacioni sistem (GIS) GIS - Geographic Information System
Softver Intergraph GeoMedia INTERGRAPH GeoMedia software
Visoke tehnologije High technology
Sistem za globalno pozicioniranje (GPS) GPS - Global Positioning System
Softver ESRI ESRI software
Klasifikacija projekta
Informatics, systems theory
Physical geography, geomorphology, pedology, cartography, climatology
Systems engineering, computer technology
Hydrogeology, geographical and geological engineering
History and philosophy of technology
Rezime Resume
Istraživanje se koncentrira na bazne principe GIS filozofije i na mogućnosti primjene GIS tehnologije u akademskom i privrednom sektoru BiH. Ukazuje na bazne koncepte GlS-a i GPS-a i uči kako primijeniti ESRI ArcVievv softver ili Intergraph GeoMedia softver za konkretne potrebe. The research is concentrated on analysis of main principles of GIS philosophy and possibilities for GIS technology to be applied in academic and economy sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To learn about the basic concepts of GIS and GPS and how they apply the sofhvare (ESRI Arciew or Intergraph GeoMedia) to specific needs. The main questions are: how to overcome our fears and ignorance, how to jump into the \vhirls of technological advancements, how to escape from being lost in wide openness of knowledge? How to recognize responsibilities of highly developed technologies and how to direct our creative energy in intended manner, respecting the responsibility? These technologies are very promising in regard to quick renewal of infrastructure and Communications, but they can also serve as an effective mean to overcome the "gap in knowledge" that resulted from war circumstances. This project is hopefully expected by Energoinvest to be the initial nucleus and start-up funding aimed to revitalization of scientific and research activities and strengthening and reconstruction of laboratories, widely devastated during the war.
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RRLBA5103 - Integraph Registered Research Laboratory
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